Thursday, September 29, 2011


          Hi, Reader ^^! Back again with pixel maze ^^! This time the size is 100x100 pixels. The shape this time is square with small square hole inside the shape. The start and the goal pixels are very near but it is blocked by the wall so you have to choose far path. Okay, that's all I can say ^^! Have fun solving my pixel maze ^^! Use solution if you get stuck xD!

Monday, September 26, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! It has been a week since I was absent posting pixel maze art in this blog ^^! And now, since I'm back, I posted new pixel maze ^^! This time, the size is 113x90 pixels. I combined four rectangles to form the outline shape, then I added the maze inside the outline. I keep building it until it reached the finish dot pixel (Guess which one is the finish: red or green dot?). Anyway, thank you for reading ^^! Have fun ^^!

Friday, September 16, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! Back again with pixel maze. This time the size is 151x151 pixels. The base shape I use is the combination of triangle and square. I also added some holes with square shape. After that, I started drawing the maze inside except with the outside of shape and the square hole. Anyway, have fun playing my pixel maze ^^!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! Back again with pixel maze. This time the size is 111x111 pixels. I also added a sun (it looks like a moon if you don't see it more detail), a house, and a ground. The sun, house, and the ground part doesn't get maze-d, but get transparency. Anyway, thanks for reading ^^! Have fun trying to solve to maze! Feel free to use the solution provided below.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! back again with pixel maze again ^^! This time the size is 111x111 pixels. The shape is square with rectangles in the 4 sides and 1 square in middle. The rectangle and the middle square is also get transparency into zero value. Anyway, have fun solving the pixel maze ^^! Feel free to use the Solution in the bottom if you get stuck ^^!


          Hello Reader ^^! Back again with pixel maze again ^^! This time the size is 222x222 pixels. The shape of the border is triangle. Despite with 222x222 pixels size, this maze is still easy to solve it. The below side of the maze is straight path so solving it would be easy, but for the upper size, that would need a bit skill. Anyway, have fun playing the maze ^^!

Monday, September 12, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! Back again with pixel maze this time. This time, I took the shape of cube to become the pixel maze. However, when I draw it, somehow it doesn't look like cube xD. But if I look it carefully, now I see it. Method still same: manual, copying, and stitching. Anyway, thanks for reading ^^! Have fun playing the pixel maze ^^ (or eye seizure)!

Friday, September 9, 2011


          Hello, Reader ^^! Today we back again with pixel maze ^^! Since today is 9th September (or 0909), I decided to make a bit different maze this time. The maze's wall is white and the path is black. Yup, it is inverted color except the goal pixel. Not only that, the size of the maze is 90x90 (0909 if reversed) so it makes 0909090909 maze. For making it, I used circles, ovals, and straight lines. Thanks for reading ^^! Have fun solving it ^^!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^ ! This time I made a pixel maze with the size 111x111 pixels. I made the shape by combining two circles then removed the intersect line. After that, I started building the maze inside the shape. For faster making the maze, I use the copying and the stitching technique. Have fun solving the pixel maze! Thank you for reading ^^ ! See you next time ^^ !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! This time I made a pixel maze again as usual :D! The size is 101x101. Made by combining several ovals and circles and then shaping it to shape like a deformed human. Then I tattooed (I mean build the maze) the maze from the head, to body, to hands, to leg. Well, that's all I can say! Thanks for reading and playing the maze! =)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! This time a weekly maze is published! The size is 5555x5555 pixels. It took hours to make it, but since I don't use rectangle maze right now, it is faster to finish it. Not only that, I only stitched the previous maze from 2011-08- to 2011-09-04 period. The hardest part is to add transparency to the maze. It takes a lot of memory. But at last, problem solved. If you have solved and tried the previous maze before, this one should be easier to solve.

(This is only some part, to view complete size, view it in DeviantArt page)


          Hello Reader ^^! New pixel maze is published! The size is 111x11 pixels. I made this one after I made the weekly maze Binilununmingtilim which the size is 5555x5555 pixels. This maze uses the combination of oval too then create the maze inside. Since the size is small, I didn't use copying and stitching techhnique so I created the manual. That's all! Thank you for reading and have fun solving the maze ^^!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


          Hello Reader ^^! This time I made a 51x51 pixel maze. Made from combination of the circles and oval then removing some of the intersect line. After that I created the maze inside the shape manually. This time there is no copying and stitching technique because of the size of the maze. Anyway, good luck solving my puzzle ^^!


          Hello Reader ^^! This time I made a pixel maze with size 101x151 pixels. As usual, I use the circle and oval to create the pixel maze this time. Then, I removed the intersect line. Then, I manually created a small maze inside. Then, I copied and stitched the small maze part to create bigger and new parts. Well, that's how. Thank you for reading and trying the maze ^^!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


          Hello, Reader! We back again with the pixel maze! This time I made a 201x51 maze size. I used 7 ovals to create the room then removed a lot of intersect line. After that, I created the maze. As usual, I used the manual method first. After that, I used the copying technique, then I used the stitching technique. It is easy to solve this maze.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


          Hello, Reader! This time I made a pixel maze again with the size 50x51 pixels. The shape is still not rectangular nor square. I made this one by using multiple circles. After that, I removed the collided lines which caused from the circle combination. After that, I began to create the pixel maze inside. For the outside of the shape, I removed to become transparent by using GIMP.


          Hello! Today is new month in my place! It is 1st September 2011! Today also I tried with different shape of the maze. This time I tried with the circle pixel maze! The size is 111x111. The method still the same with the rectangle/square before. This time, the transparency is used too to remove the unused white area by using GIMP.