Wednesday, August 31, 2011


          This time I made a very small pixel maze, or should I say... the minimum to make a maze with no more than 1x1 pixels path/square rules. To make it, only need a very little amount of time, just say... 5 to 10 seconds xD. I forgot to record how long I make it xD. Anyway, hope you don't attempt to use solution for such small maze even I provided it below 8D.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


          This time I made a very slim maze. The size is 5x10000 pixels. Yup, the width is very small while the height is very high. It took less than one hour for making it but keep scrolling the cursor down, it was really a pain xD. Despite the very high of the height, this maze is very easy to solve. It only requires patience to solve it. Good luck xD! Note: My browser can't view the very slim image xD! Try download method provided below xD.
(Note: The image is so slim the I can't even zoom it xD. I wonder if there someone who can view it? Try to view it in another page it that works =)). Can be download at the link provided below or at DeviantArt page at Download Image.)

Download (If the image can't be viewed)
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

Sunday, August 28, 2011


          This time I made a very big maze. The size is 501x5001. It took really long hours even I use the stitching technique O.O. It really gave a headaches. Since this one is weekly maze, I took the maze from 22 into 28 August 2011. Even I made a big one before to be used in the weekly maze, it still really took a big time to make it... O.O Ouch... One more thing, to view the full of the maze, view it in the DeviantArt page.

(This is only some part, to view complete size, view it in DeviantArt page)

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          This time I made a very high width maze. The size is 1111x11 pixels. Since the the height is very low, making the  maze is not so long. I still using the manual and the stitching technique. It didn't make me dizzy when I was making it too. Well, it is time to faze the 1111 width pixel with very low height. Still, it is a very width maze, but I still can make wider than this one.

Friday, August 26, 2011


          This time I made a very small pixel maze. Yup, very smaller than the previous big pixel maze. The size is just 11 x 11 pixels. No need to use stitching technique on this one but I used the manual technique to create the maze. Making the small maze also don't make my eyes dizzy, unlike the other previous one which the big size made my eye dizzy XD.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


          I made a big maze (at moment) just several hours ago. The size is 301x601 pixels. It looks taking a lot of times, but since I keep using the copying, transforming, and stitching technique, it helps me faster making the pixel maze. Still, when I rechecked the maze again to fix some area, it still took a lot of time. Not only that, sometimes it makes me dizzy XD.

Monday, August 22, 2011


          I made again a pixel maze. Just several hours ago after making the maze Binilununaugdutig. The size is 301x101 pixels. I finished faster than before since I use the stitching technique for making it. I hope with that technique, I can make bigger than the biggest pixel maze I have made before. Still, need to learn the basic too to make the different style of the maze path.


          I made a pixel maze. The size is 101x101 pixels. When making it, I use the stitching technique by copying some part of the maze, which at the first I created a small maze, then stitched it to other position and part then modified  it to make it more different than the original part. Since I did that when making it, it made me harder to solve it by  predicting the exit without playing some pixel line.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


          Finally! I have done the weekly pixel maze. The size of the maze is 501x501 pixel size. It looks like taking a long time to create it, but the fact is I finished it just around 3 hours since I use the previous maze I created from 15 to 21 August 2011 periode. I stitched the previous maze but also modified it a bit to make it less pattern. One more thing, be sure to view the image in other window, DeviantArt, or Imgur to view the pixel maze in full size.


          Ah, I made a maze again. The size is 101x101 pixels size. It is smaller than before, but the method of the path is different from before. Instead of using the long path wall, I often use the square dot making it harder and longer to make it. I done it around 2 hours just for 101x101 pixels size. Not only that, it is also harder to figure the exit just by looking at it. 

Friday, August 19, 2011


          This time I made a 300x200 pixels size maze. This took a long hour since the size and I want to make a more difficult maze by using more discrete line. The time I used to make it is around 3 hours. Not only that, some part makes my eyes go dizzy. Anyway, I have done it. Btw, this maze has two ways then four ways. It is up to you to choose which way you want to take.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


          This time I make a very slim maze. The size is 21x501 pixels. Yes, the height is around 25 times higher than the width, making it a very slim maze. When making this maze, I got less dizzy other than before when making the maze. Oh, when I tried to solved the maze, I don't get as dizzy as before. Maybe because of the slim or because I get hang on it?


          Made a pixel maze again. This one a little tricky. I made a two type of path which one is easy and the one is hard. You can try to easy or hard. For the solution, I chose the easy one since I won't spoil how to solve the hard way. By the way, the size of the maze is 151x101 pixel. Anyway, good luck solving the maze and choose the mode you want.

Monday, August 15, 2011


          Ah, it is been a while since I made the last pixel maze because of resting. Now, this time I made the maze Binilununaugsalim. This time is not square size anymore, because the size this time is 51x101 pixel. Yup, it is taller because the height is higher than the width. This will be easier than the last post because this time is smaller than before.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


          Finally, I made a 200x200 pixel maze this time. Took around two hours to finish it especially to check the the square error. Not only that, I, the one who made it also get eye dizzy star because for optical illusion effect from the maze itself. Well, at least the struggle paid off XD. Now, about this maze... There is multiple solution to finish the maze. It is like a life. A single problem can be solved with many solution like this maze. You can choose one or more solution to finish this maze. Try not to overdo yourself finishing this maze.


          I made a pixel maze again with small space path again. The size is only 101x101, but since I only give 1 px width space path and wall, took around an hour to finish building it. That is not including the time of the mistake I made because of creating the 2px width space path and wall. Not only that, I need to rest my eyes since staring it too long can damage my eyes. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


          Okay, this is the first post of the pixel maze I made. Like the classic way, all you need to do is from the red pixel as start to go to the green pixel. The size is 31x31 pixel. You can use any method you think better or harder to solve the maze. I also make the solution when making this pixel maze so when someone is really desperate in the maze, you can summon the solution of the maze.

Virupizxel is Born!

Virupixzel is born!
This blog will be my pixel maze art.
Also, the maze space path and wall are always at one pixel making the labyrinth very small.
Wanna test gut to solve the labyrint? :D