Tuesday, August 30, 2011


          This time I made a very slim maze. The size is 5x10000 pixels. Yup, the width is very small while the height is very high. It took less than one hour for making it but keep scrolling the cursor down, it was really a pain xD. Despite the very high of the height, this maze is very easy to solve. It only requires patience to solve it. Good luck xD! Note: My browser can't view the very slim image xD! Try download method provided below xD.
(Note: The image is so slim the I can't even zoom it xD. I wonder if there someone who can view it? Try to view it in another page it that works =)). Can be download at the link provided below or at DeviantArt page at Download Image.)

Download (If the image can't be viewed)
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

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